Barbara A. Brett, Ph.D.

Abstract Presenter

Barbara A. Brett, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Colorado State University – Pueblo, in Pueblo, CO. She has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her background is in behavioral neuroscience. Her research interests include epilepsy, autism, sensory processing, and the behavioral and physiological effects of cannabinoids on . She has experience in numerous forms of physiological recording in both humans and animals, including EEG and EDA. She is currently funded by the CSU-Pueblo Institute of Cannabis Research to conduct an observational study examining the effects of medicinal cannabis on seizures in adults with medically refractory epilepsy.

The Effects of Medicinal Cannabis on Seizures in Adults with Medically Refractory Epilepsy

Dr. Brett will present information about her ongoing observational study, funded by the Institute for Cannabis Research at Colorado State University-Pueblo, examining the effects of cannabinoids on seizures in adults with medically refractory epilepsy (MRE). This study follows adults with MRE for one month prior to cannabinoid treatment and for five months after. The researchers provide no cannabinoid products to the participants. For the duration of the study, participants wear a wristband for daily wireless physiological recording of heart rate, blood volume pulse, motion/acceleration, temperature, and electrodermal activity (E4, Empatica). Participants also make three lab visits during which questionnaire data and biological samples are collected. Recruitment experiences, options for medicinal cannabis use recommendations, physiological data to date, and the importance of recording autonomic variables in epilepsy is highlighted.