Joe Goldstrich

Joe D. Goldstrich, MD, FACC

Natural State Healthcare



Ethan Russo, MD, board-certified neurologist, a psychopharmacology researcher, and a Medical Director of PHYTECS.

Ethan Russo, MD

International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, Prague, Czech Republic



David Meiri

David Meiri, PH.D.

Laboratory of Cancer Biology & Cannabinoid Research – Techion



Cristina Sanchez

Cristina Sánchez, PH.D.

Complutense University



Dustin Mahon

Dustin Mahon

EC Labs



Jeffrey Hergenrather

Jeff Hergenrather, MD

Society of Cannabis Clinicians




Bonni Goldstein, MD




Panel Presentation

Using Cannabis as an Antineoplastic Agent:

Exploring Strategies to Improve Clinical Outcomes

The Cannabis and Cancer Panel researchers have provided foundational evidence for building the next generation of therapeutic protocols. The Cannabis and Cancer Panel clinicians epitomize the application of the available preclinical research.

Those clinicians who employ cannabis in the treatment of cancer know the ecstasy of success and the agony of loss. All too often, despite extraordinary efforts, the cancer wins. The objective of this panel is to explore strategies that may improve patient outcomes. Some of the issues that will be discussed are:

  • Is there one dosing protocol that can be used for most patients? How often should the THC be taken?
  • How do we best determine the amount and ratio of THC to CBD for each patient and tumor type? Do specific tumors require specific therapeutic protocols and/or unique compounds derived from specific chemovars?
  • Are very high doses of THC (“a gram a day”) required to induce cancer cell death?
  • Is one extraction method better than another?
  • Is it beneficial and feasible to combine extracts derived from 2 or more extraction processes?
  • Is it beneficial and feasible to combine extracts derived from multiple chemovars?
  • Which terpenes are most effective as antineoplastic agents and how can we best preserve them during the extraction process.
  • Is adding external terpenes a viable option?
  • Is hemp an acceptable source of antineoplastic CBD and terpenoids?
  • Will adding the acid, non-decarboxylated cannabinoids improve outcomes?
  • Are there any adjuncts that complement the cannabinoids and terpenoids (e.g. curcumin, intravenous vitamin C, Artemisia, etc.)?
  • Are antioxidants counterproductive?
  • How can we best use cannabis with chemotherapy? Is the sequence of administration important?
  • Is it counterproductive or detrimental to use THC with some of the new immunotherapies?
  • Is CBG an important antineoplastic cannabinoid?