Dr. Catherine Jacobson

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Catherine Jacobson is the Director of Clinical Research at Tilray, a federally licensed Canadian medical cannabis provider. She leads a global clinical research program of regulatory agency-approved trials aimed at generating methodologically sound data to inform treatment with medical cannabis products. Dr. Jacobson obtained a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the Oregon Health & Science University, and completed post-doctoral fellowships at UCSF and Stanford. In 2013, Dr. Jacobson published the first account of treatment of pediatric epilepsy patients with medical cannabis preparations in the peer-reviewed journal Epilepsy & Behavior. This work led her back to UCSF for a clinical research fellowship at the Pediatric Epilepsy Center to investigate the anti-seizure potential of CBD in children with severe, treatment-resistant epilepsy.


Her work now focuses on tackling some of the largest practical and scientific challenges facing medical cannabis use and research, with the goal of generating a strong evidence base to inform the use of medical cannabis preparations for specific diseases and symptoms. Dr. Jacobson also serves on the Medical Cannabis Advisory board to the State of California, where she advocates for medical cannabis products to meet product quality standards that ensure the safety and well-being of patients.