Dr. Mechoulam Says CannMed 2018 is One of the Most Important Cannabis Conferences This Year

We had a chance to speak with Raphael Mechoulam about CannMed 2018 and the important role it plays in expanding our knowledge about the effects and uses of cannabis.

“We need to expand our knowledge all the time, and I’m glad to learn [CannMed2018] is going to do exactly that,” Dr. Mechoulam says. “It’s going to tell us about the new things we have learned over the past few years about cannabis use in medicine.”

Dr. Mechoulam will deliver the keynote address at CannMed 2018, and as head of the CannMed 2018 Advisory Board, he played an important role in selecting this year’s speakers.

In the video below, Dr. Mechoulam shares his hope that the information shared at CannMed 2018 will accelerate the number of clinical trials that are being conducted to study the effectiveness of cannabis as a medicine.  He also talks about diseases that he believes could be treated with cannabis, but are not being researched, yet. Those diseases include Diabetes Type I and schizophrenia.

Dr. Mechoulam is likely encouraged that the FDA just recently approved Epidiolex, a cannabis-derived drug that is used to treat epilepsy. CannMed 2018 is fortunate to have Alice Mead from Greenwich Biosciences, the pharmaceutical company that developed Epidiolex, will present at CannMed 2018 on the extensive FDA approval process GW went through, including “robust clinical trials” that assess safety, efficacy, and the effects of different doses.

We look forward to Dr. Mechoulam presenting at CannMed 2018 and appreciate his work in selecting this year’s presenters. Buy your CannMed 2018 ticket today 

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