Dr. Mechoulam Discusses Research into Addiction

We are so fortunate to have Dr. Raphael Mechoulam on our CannMed 2018 Advisory Board. His early contributions to cannabis research are the foundation that today’s cannabis researchers and healthcare providers use to advance the understanding this amazing plant’s medical efficacy.

We had the chance to speak with Dr. Mechoulam at his laboratory in Israel about his pioneering cannabis research and the work he continues to do. In this video, Dr. Mechoulam explains that the human body produces more than 100 compounds that are structurally similar to the cannabinoids found in cannabis. Those compounds have been shown to help treat a variety of conditions, from traumatic brain injury to osteoporosis.

Currently, Dr. Mechoulam is studying one of these endogenous compounds that blocks addiction and withdrawal symptoms in mice. “If addiction is the same in mice as it is in humans, it may be an important step forward,” Dr. Mechoulam said.

We couldn’t agree more. Very exciting indeed!

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