Erin Prosk

Erin Prosk, MSc.

Abstract Presenter

Erin Prosk is the President and co-founder of Santé Cannabis, a leading Canadian medical clinic specializing in medical cannabis research, clinical best practices and healthcare professional training. Ms. Prosk studied applied mathematics and bioinformatics at McGill University (Bsc., 2007) and the University of British Columbia (MSc., 2009).

Modernizing an Ancient Plant Medicine: Pursuing The World’s First Prescription Drug Approval of an Inhaled Cannabis Product

Inhalation remains the preferred method of administration by medical cannabis patients and cannabis consumers worldwide. Despite widespread anecdotal reporting of its benefits and positive results in small randomized studies, there are no approved medical treatments of inhaled cannabis and and its safety data remains limited. The development of the first standardized, fixed dose inhaled cannabis product PPP-001 will be outlined, including its Phase 1 pharmacokinetic and safety data and the design of the Phase 3 trial currently recruiting at Santé Cannabis in Montreal, Canada.