Heather Jackson

Abstract Presenter

Heather Jackson is the co-founder and CEO of Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC), an internationally acclaimed non-profit primarily serving families who are dealing with various life-limiting and chronic health conditions. The number of people her organization has served has grown over 10,000% since 2013, from 400 families to over 50,000 worldwide. Her “why” is her youngest son Zaki. After he journeyed from hospice to health using Charlotte’s Web™, she made it her mission to empower families who find themselves in the same position her family was in.
Heather has over 11,000 hours of research tucked under her self-taught belt, is a published researcher, author, speaker, and has presented in 6 countries.
She is leading a movement to reimagine the way we think, talk, and respond to cannabis and hemp and the people who use it. Heather’s work has been featured on Dateline, New York Times, National Geographic, TIME, Good Housekeeping, 60 Minutes Australia, CNN with Dr. Sanjay Gupta to name a few.

Evaluating the Health Impacts of Medicinal Cannabinoid Use : Results from an Observational Research Study

After Heather Jackson’s son journeyed from hospice to health using cannabis she co-founded and is the CEO of Realm of Caring a national acclaimed nonprofit that aids families with life-limiting conditions that are using cannabis and hemp along with educating practitioners on practical day-to-day applications of cannabis for their patients. Over two years ago they started an observational research registry with Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania to track the population they serve. This talk will describe the data from the registry regarding the epilepsy population. If you have wondered what is actually happening with the use of whole plant botanical products for epilepsy, you do not want to miss this abstract discussion. Learn more about health outcomes, quality of life, economic impact, side effects and more. Discover both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the epilepsy population that the Realm of Caring serves.