Michael Dor, MD

Scientific Advisor

Michael Dor is the MPA Chief Medical Consultant, Medical Cannabis Unit for the Ministry of Health in Jerusalem, Israel. Dr Dor earned his medical degree at Tel Aviv University followed by his Diploma in Health Services and in Family Medicine through the Israeli Medical Association. Dr. Dor then completed his Masters in Public Administration at Harvard University – Kennedy School of Government. Dr. Dor’s commitment to providing quality healthcare for the people of Israel has led him to holding multiple leadership roles within his career, including Director of Emergency Walk-In Clinic – Jerusalem, Israel; Head of Community Medicine Division – Israeli Ministry of Health; and Deputy Director of All Medical Services – Israeli Ministry of Health. In 2014, he was honored with Presidential Award for volunteer work he did to establish a clinic for un-insurred illegal immigrants and victims of human trafficking. Today, Dr. Dor is active as a family physician and also serves as the Chief Medical Officer – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Medical Head Advisor of the Medical Cannabis Unit for the Israeli Ministry of Health.