Jeanette Jacknin, MD

Poster Presenter

Dr. Jacknin is a board-certified dermatologist, author, national speaker, and consultant, with expertise in holistic dermatology, natural cosmeceuticals, and topical hemp and cannabinoids for beauty and health.


She is the author of the 400 pg. classic book Smart Medicine for Your Skin, published by Penguin Putnam in 2001. It was the first book to detail what integrative dermatology is, and to discuss in depth the conventional and holistic treatments for 33 different skin disorders and healthy states. In addition, she has contributed to an abundance of articles published in the lay and professional press, the latest contribution being interviews for Dr. Oz’s “The Good Life”, Essence magazine, Redbook,, Fortune, and Reader’s Digest in 2017. She also recently wrote more professional articles,.one published in the Dermatology Times. Dr. Jacknin authored the first three chapters in Dr. Andy Weil’s textbook of Integrative Dermatology which was published in March 2014 and was the cumulative work of many dermatologists.


Dr. Jacknin has given over 35 national presentations at natural trade shows… Supply Side West, Supply Side East, EXPO West, EXPO East, the Anti-Aging Medicine Conference and the HBA over the past 8 years. She recently spoke on cosmeceuticals at the Happi conferences on skin care in Nov 2017 in NJ, the 2016 annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatologists, and at the Amazing Oils conference in NJ and LA in March of 2016 and 5 recent conferences in 2016-2018 on the topic of topical hemp and cannabinoids.
Having launched her own skin care line, JJMD, in 2009, she is familiar with the business side of the cosmeceutical industry. 2011-2104 Dr. Jacknin was the beauty advisor to Neutrogena Naturals and contributed to the Neutrogena Naturals Facebook posts. She is currently a professional beauty advisor to ZSS Skincare and consultant to Jojoba Desert Ltd.


In 2013, she was asked to join the Complementary and Alternative Medicine task force for the American Academy of Dermatology and in 2014 researched the studies about diet and supplements for healthy and challenged skin. It was an honor to be part of the Integrative Task Force speaking on diet and supplements for healthy skin at the 2016 annual meeting of the AAD.


In 2015 Dr. Jacknin started presenting Grand Rounds to Dermatology departments on Complementary and Alternative Medicine in dermatology, beginning with her presentation at UCSD in January of 2015. She has given talks to the faculty and residents of the Dermatology Departments of Oregon Health Sciences, the University of Miami, and at S.U.N.Y Downstate in Brooklyn, NY in 2016.


Dr. Jacknin recently became interested in hemp, CBD, and cannabis topically and in beauty and skin care. She contributed the July blog to Natural Products Insider on hemp and CBD topically, in beauty and skin care. She spoke at the Sept 2016 Cannabis World Conference and Business Expo in Los Angeles, California on the topic of the endocannabinoid system in skin and related proven therapies and spoke again at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in Las Vegas in December of 2016 and the Happi conference in November 2017 on hemp, CBD, and THC in beauty and skin diseases. She also spoke at the prestigious MJBIZCon in Las Vegas November 2017 on the difference between hemp and marijuana businesses. Dr. Jacknin was the first dermatologist to speak on the science behind topical cannabinoids and skin disorders at the Annual American Academy of Dermatology conference in February 2018. After the talk, she was interviewed by the AAD Dialogues in Dermatology, MJBiz Daily, Healthline, Health Daily, and Elsevier’s Practice Update. Dr. Jacknin has also been asked to do blogs for Greenflowermedia and an audio interview for the HolisticCannabis Academy.


Dr. Jacknin spoke at the April 2018 World Cannabis Convention in Pittsburgh, PA. and June 2018 O’Cannabiz conference in Toronto, Canada on the topic of hemp and cannabinoids in beauty and skin care and the studies which support it. She will also be speaking at the national PainWeek conference in Las Vegas in Sept 2018 on topical cannabis for painful dermatoses. She was interviewed in July 2018 by The New York Times for an article on the subject to be published in their online magazine “The Strategist”.


Dr. Jacknin is currently available as a professional cosmeceutical or CBD brand ambassador, consultant, and speaker.

Hemo And Cannabinoids for Beauty, Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis

I will start with a brief overview of what the endocannabinoid system is and how it is involved in the skin. Next I will discuss the recent scientific studies behind cannabinoids and beauty, anti-aging, acne, itch, eczema, and psoriasis. If time allows, I will include a examples of what products are already on the market, where that market is projected to extend to.