Khail Pasion

Khail Pasion serves as the Director of Laboratory Compliance for MedMen Enterprises, LLC. who’s primary agenda is the accreditation of all operated scientific laboratories in an internationally recognized standard(s).  His work is directly related to outfitting multiple facilities with the necessary laboratory structure/processes to comply not only with local jurisdiction, but to the same standards as federally regulated industries such as the FDA and BioTechs.  With a technical background in Molecular Cell Development Biology and Pharmacology from UC Santa Barbara, Khail brings a finely tuned perspective essential for all laboratory processes, analytical method development and validations; trailblazing the emphasis on building a higher standard of quality and precision in the sciences of the cannabis industry, which speaks to the company goal of mainstreaming marijuana.  His aim is to influence the industry by raising the bar for Laboratory standardization, thereby providing the safest and highest quality products for the end consumer.

Previous to joining the cannabis industry, Khail has built a career developing Point-of-Care Laboratory Diagnostic Assays on an array of devices from laser engraved micro-chips to commercial DSLR cameras.  Khail has been apart of the inception of multiple BioTech Companies where he was responsible for the transfer and validation of diagnostic assays from outdated processes to revolutionary platforms. One of his greatest achievements was developing a Multi-Analyte Serum Protein based Test for the prediction of a Coronary Heart Disease event within the next 5 years.  He currently resides in West Hollywood, CA where he spends most of his time dodging electric scooters with his dog Spencer.