Philip Blair, MD

Poster Presenter

Dr. Philip Blair, MD, (Colonel USArmy retired) is a Family Physician and consultant in disease management in the Northwest. He graduated from West Point in 1972, attended the University of Miami School of Medicine, trained as an Army Family Physician and served as a combat physician in the 1st Gulf War. After medical assignments in three continents and 29 years in uniform he retired from the Army and has been consulting on complex disease management since 2000. Since 2014 Dr. Blair has been studying, treating, and lecturing about the human body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS disorders appear to be the root cause of many chronic medical problems and inflammation. His goal is to restore health and performance by enhancing the ECS using diet, exercise, appropriate medications and non-psychoactive therapies. He is clinical advisor for Elixinol, LLC, and Pro Health Advisor, Inc.

Nancy Jo Weber MBA, RDN, CDE, CSR, LD

Poster Presenter

After 20 years of experience in Kidney Disease, Diabetes, and Rehabilitative Services, Nancy shifted her focus to Preventive and Integrated Care. She co-developed a revolutionary Multidisciplinary Disease Management Program targeting Chronic Kidney Disease that resulted in 25 million in savings the third year. She directs a team of Specialty Credentialed Registered Dietitians with proven ability to intervene in high dollar cases with positive impact on health outcomes, benefits conservation and quality of life. A nationally recognized speaker, Nancy specializes in integrating functional medicine approaches to chronic disease in the traditional medical arena. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator, Anemia Management Specialist, Board Certified in Renal Nutrition and a multidisciplinary educator in Bone Mineral Metabolism. She maintains a part- time practice in direct patient care. “I must stay involved with patients and physicians in direct-care to be truly effective and lead on the cutting edge.”

Cannabidiol Substitution for Biologic Antiinflammatory Drugs Saves $300,000 for Self Insured Business

Prescription drug prices are skyrocketing in the United States due in large part by drug manufacturer monopolistic prices particularly for newly developed anti-virals and biologic drugs composed of substances that are found in living organisms. This increase for rare disease drugs is threatening the US Health care system (Harvard Bus rev 7/4/17). Up to 70% of health insurance is covered by employer programs that pay for these services out of profits. We developed a model of disease management in a self insured employer medical plan that identified members with chronic conditions, recruited voluntary participation, and provided medical nutrition intervention. Participants received dietary coaching and cannabidiol from hemp for chronic inflammatory conditions. Over the period of one year CBD was made available to 36 members with asthma, arthritis, psoriasis, alcoholism, liver disease or support for cancer chemo-radiation. The 26 members who participated had 30 estimated significant positive clinical events saving over $300,000. Events included substitutions for 15 pharmaceutical medications that were reduced or discontinued. Total cost of CBD product substitution was 12,000. There were numerable compliments but no complaints or adverse effects related to the program or CBD substitution. Cannabidiol could be a viable complimentary medicine herbal approach for enhancing the satisfaction, productivity and savings in healthcare expenses.