Steven Ottersberg

Steven Ottersberg

Poster Presenter

Professional Experience:

Six years of teaching biochemistry board reviews to Naturopathic medical students. Steve received an honorary ND from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Four years in pharmaceutical sales with Merck & Co.  

Four years as a college level chemistry professor at Fort Lewis College.

Three years of laboratory management at Envirotech Inc.  Experience includes GC-FID, GC-MS, IC, ICP-OES.

Clinical nutrition product formulation medical sales/product formulation position with Thrive Nutritional Formulas.  

Faculty member of Progressive Medical Education, teaching human genetic testing in medicine for physicians.  30(+) case based webinars focused on cancer and endocannabinoid system.

March 2017 genetic influences on environmental toxicity at The American Academy of Environmental Medicine in Savanah Georgia.

November 2017 the science of terpenoids and cannabinoids at Marijuana Business Daily MJBizCon.  

April 2018 the genetic influences of cannabinoid and terpenoids by cannabis sativa at Terpenes and Testing World Conference in San Jose CA.

April 2018 Cannabinoids and Terpenoids and the Entourage Effect at Colorado State University Pueblo, Institute of Cannabis Research Symposium in Pueblo CO.

May 2018 Cannabinoids and Terpenoids: Pharmacology pharmacogenomics and the complex interactions of endocannabinoid system with terpenoids and pytocannabinoids, implications in oncology, at Best Answer for Cancer, Orlando, FL.

August 2018 the genetic influences on cannabinoid and terpenoid production in cannabis. Cannabis Science Conference, Portland, OR.

September 2018 Cannabinoid and Terpenoid therapeutics in oncology at IMM 2018 in Rosenfeld Germany.

October 2018 Microbiome Medicine Conference on Cannabinoids Terpenoids, Microbiome and Gut Health in San Francisco.

Founder of Green Lab Solutions Company LLC

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms influencing Cannabinoid Synthases and Terpenoid Synthases.  Implications in cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles in cannabis.

This poster will present the use of genetic testing (SNP profiles) for rational breeding programs for cannabis cultivation.  SNPs that influence the expression, activity or structure of cannabinoid syntheses and terpenoid syntheses can influence the chemotype of the plant.  THCa synthase, CBDa synthase and CBCa synthase all compete for CBGa as a substrate so this pathway is driven by kinetics. Terpenoid syntheses convert Geranylpyrophosphate and farnesylpyrophosphate into carbocations.  The rearrangement of these carbocations in the active site determines the diversity of terpenoids produced by the cannabis plant. Genotyping and chemotyping are the future of cannabis breeding.