Women’s Health and Cannabis: It’s Time to Put Our Money Where Our Health Is

We had a chance to catch up with Meredith Burak, Director of Global Relations for Asana Bio Group, who will lead a Women’s Health panel at CannMed 2018, comprised of experts who are advancing science and products to benefit women’s health.

In the video below, Burak shares some of the information she has found while studying how cannabis can help women. “Women in particular have a high concentration of endocannbinoid receptors, meaning they are particularly receptive to the medicinal properties of the plant. I’ve read tons of anecdotal data and research published by universities that cannabis does help with endometriosis.”

To date, the industry lacks the knowledge, investment and focus to provide proper medicinal relief to the female market. With more female executives than most industries (around 27%, beating the 23% national average for U.S. businesses), it’s time to take a dedicated look at cannabis’ immense untapped healing power for women.

Burak passionately encourages women to recognize their power and push for more research and products designed for them. “Right now we are undergoing a seismic shift in women’s personal and professional power. By 2020, women in the United States are going to control $22 trillion in U.S. wealth. We can push forward products and science that actually benefit us. It’s time to put our money where our health is.”

Burak will be joined on the panel by Dr. David Meiri and Dr. Rosemary Mazanet, both of whom have done extensive research into cancer treatment. More panelists will be added soon. Be sure to sign up for CannMed 2018 updates, and buy your tickets today!

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